The Old Mill History

The Eesley Milling Company was founded by John F. Eesley. Mr. Eesley was born in Hamilton, Canada on December 11, 1859. He married Kittie Belle Scott and had 3 children. He was an entrepreneur and industrialist who relocated from Birmingham to Plainwell in 1887. He purchased a roller rink built in 1869 and converted the building to become the Sunshine Flour Mill. The building, located at 119 W. Bridge, was divided into two sections, moved to 717 Bridge and combined with the existing Grain Elevator Company. At the time, as the country’s second largest producer of buckwheat flour, Eesley’s mill produced around 60 barrels of flour daily under the Sunshine Brand Flour label.

Mr. Eesley passed away on July 9, 1929 in Plainwell, Michigan